Active learning and student centred approaches are emphasised to stimulate students engaged in their learning. Students are exposed to real life learning approach to master the subject. They are encouraged to reflection their learning, make links to previous experience and can apply their learning to daily life.

The teaching methods are chosen to support the attainment of learning outcomes. The selection of teaching method is dependent on the students, nature of the subject, and the characteristics of the learning situation.


Active Learning


SCC held on to the view that learning constructivist is learning objectives which is emphasized in 'learn how to learn'. It is not like the conventional view that behavioristic, the learning objectives that highlight the 'additional knowledge'. Therefore at SCC in the learning process using the active learning methods, which is one method that corresponds to mentioned above view.


Active Learning is a teaching method that emphasizes on process. This method requires students to be more active in exploring their own potential about knowledge and curiosity. Adapted to the context of students learning that will be faced in real life. In other words, students get knowledge through student learning context by the student's own life not the knowledge gained due to the transfer of knowledge from teacher to student.


Then where is the role of teachers in active learning? Teachers not just as a source of knowledge, but rather a facilitator who always stimulate students to more explore the potential of thinking and curiosity of students.



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